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Executive Team

Executive Team

•  Rakesh Bakshi, LFIMA, FIE, FNAE (Chairman & Managing Director, RRB Energy Limited).

rbBorn in London, U.K. and popularly known internationally as the “Green Maharaja”, Mr. Rakesh Bakshi, LFIMA, FIE, FNAE from a very young age recognized the great potential that alternative sources of energy offered and so  committed all his energy and resources towards developing applications towards building a greener and cleaner planet.

Over the past 3 decades he has successfully promoted and implemented advanced climate friendly technologies past the demonstration phase, more particularly by converting Renewable Sources of  Energy into Heat and Power.

Acknowledged as a Pioneer and Visionary in the field of Renewable Energy and having contributed extensively to harnessing and promoting Renewables for everyday energy needs, the Government Of India in recognition of his immense contribution in the crucial area of alternate sources of energy, honoured him in the year 1991 with the “Padma Shri,” one of India’s high civilian awards.

He has also received various National/International honours and awards for his pioneering work in the continuous and ongoing Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs). He has persistently advocated the use of RETs in the context of abating Global Warming and mitigating adverse Climate Change.

The Pioneer and Visionary who brought the concept and meaning of the Term “Wind Power” to India in the mid 1980’s, has never looked back since.

•  Mr. Sarvesh Kumar President and Chief Operating Officer

srMr. Sarvesh Kumar has been associated in the field of Wind Energy for more than 22 years, the result of which is seen in his strong commitment and vision towards the growth of the field. The Company with which he associated himself as an employee has over a period of time elevated him to various positions and presently he is the President and Chief Operating Officer, for the working of the Company. He has been instrumental in taking the Company to greater heights.

He is acknowledged as an expert in the field of Wind Energy and has been part of various Committees formed by the Government of India and National level Associations like FICCI, ASSOCHAM etc.

On account of his expertise in the Wind Energy Sector, he has been a Member of the Advisory Committee of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE). In the past he has also been the President of the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association (IWTMA) and has been re-elected as the Chairman of IWTMA for the period from 2016 to 2018. He has been representing IWTMA in various International Forums.

In addition, he is a Life Fellow of All India Management Association (AIMA), a National Apex Body of professional management in the country. The life membership was awarded by AIMA considering his professional and management expertise and qualities in providing leadership to run an institution successfully.