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About Us

Mission and Vision


To achieve ,sustain and maintain total satisfaction of all stakeholders by providing state of the art technology and sound business strategies.

We are poised for growth by:

  1. Using cutting edge and proven Technology.
  2. Building strong and healthy relationships with reputed suppliers.
  3. Building the future of our Company and our Employees.
  4. Ensuring Customers with Highest ROI.
  5. Generating profits for shareholders.
  6. Providing clean and green energy globally.


To be a technology driven company ensuring high quality standards in production of its WEG’s. Being technology driven means adhering to International standards for manufacturing and quality, there by providing the end users with an outstanding product.


The Company adheres to the following values :

•  Openness
Being dynamic in nature and having a tendency to accept new ideas.

•  Honesty
Maintaining utmost loyalty to its customers and shareholders.

•  Integrity
Having strong & moral based principles.

•  Respectfulness
Ensuring the name in the industry by honoring our partners and respecting our competitors.

•  Challenge Driven
Being result and goal oriented while addressing the changing dynamics of the wind industry.

•  Constructive self criticism
Ensuring caution at critical points and ensuring self correction in order to avoid even minute mistakes.

•  Self improvement
Constantly improving once’s performance while ensuring structured growth with time.

•  Committed to Excellence
Achieving excellence through actions not through words.

And Most Importantly being Passionate and Believing in ourselves and what we do!!