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V39-500 kW ( Based On V47 Platform)

V39-500 kW ( Based On V47 Platform)

Right now as you read on, close to 3000 Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) manufactured by RRB Energy Limited (RRBEL) are operating worldwide, generating clean and renewable energy for everyday use, benetting millions of lives.

RRBEL kick-started the wind energy revolution in India by being the first company to produce pitch regulated WEGs. To add on, an infallible track record and proven product performance, across 26+ years of continuous operation, we are all set to create ripples in the wind energy sector across the globe.

All our WEGs have been developed using proven world class technologies and fine tuned through cutting edge innovation. We provide our customers with simple yet pivotal custom-built turnkey solutions for harnessing wind energy for optimum
power generation and maintenance of wind energy.

Key features in V39-500 kw (Based On V47 Platform) are as follows:

  1. The leading producer of the worlds best 500 kW Wind Turbine segment based on the efficient and innovative Vestas Technology.
  2. V39-500 kW with 47m Rotor diameter is an efficient and robust WEG that overs high energy field and greater control. The 23m blades with a hydraulic system utilize microprocessor controlled Opti-tip pitch regulation to ensure high performance, durability and reliability in varying wind conditions.
  3. All our V39-500 kW WEGs have state of the art in-built lightning protection system.
  4. Taking into consideration the harsh temperature, weather and weak grid conditions at various sites, we have modified our WEGs for flawless operation. This by default makes our WEGs suitable for any tough Weather or Grid conditions.


Model V39-500 kW
(Based On V47 Platform)
Rated Power 500 kW
Cut-in wind Speed 4 m/s
Rated wind speed 15 m/s
Rotor Diameter 47 m
Hub height 30m/ 50m/ 65m
 Technical Details   V39 500KW…..