V39-500 kW with 47m Rotor diameter

Proven Performance
At RRB Energy Limited (RRBEL) we spend a lot of time on testing and documenting the performance of our Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) in order to ensure that our WEGs meet the very highest requirement with regard to energy production, availability factor, power quality and sound levels.

We prove what we claim
RRBEL has repeatedly demonstrated that its wind turbines are matchless and are in a class of their own. RRBEL turbines are based on the world’s best, most modern and proven technology in the field of Wind Energy. Repeat orders of customers, based on our proven performance, espouses their confidence in us. When you buy a RRBEL Wind Turbine you surely feel proud to own one of the World’s best engineered Wind Electric Generator.

Features & Benefits

Optimal Pitch with optitip
All RRBEL WEGs are equipped with microprocessor-controlled Optitip pitch regulation, ensuring continuous and optimal adjustment of the angles of the blades in relation to the prevailing wind. The Optitip system is the best solution to the often contradictory requirements for high output and low sound levels, depending on the location.

Lightning protection
Our turbines are also equipped with a state of the art Lightning Protection system. This protects the entire turbine from the tips of the blades to the foundation. The system conducts almost all lightning strikes harmlessly past the sensitive parts of the nacelle and down into the earth. As an extra safety measure, the delicate control units and processors in the Wind Turbine are also protected by an efficient shielding system.

Technical Data


  • Emergency push buttons in:
    • Top and Bottom Control Panels
    • Yaw ring and Main Bearing
  • Disc Brake Caliper
  • Earthing System
  • Lightning Protection
  • Over speed guard


Power Curve


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