Procedure for establishing a Wind Farm

The application should contain the following:

  • Capacity of wind power project.
  • Project location.
  • Documentary evidence showing intentions to purchase land.
  • Proposed evacuation facilities at site.
  • Source of finance (loan, equity etc.).
  • Organizational capability.

Recommendation by State Government regarding: (*)

  • Allotment from state government.
  • Purchase/allotment of land.
  • Evacuation approval from State Electricity Board.
  • Approval of construction drawings from CEIG.
  • Construction at site.
  • Safety certificate from CEIG.
  • Grid synchronization approval from State Electricity Board.
  • Signing of PPA or banking & Wheeling Agreement.
  • Obtaining necessary clearance & approvals from State/Central Government.

Project organization:

  • Selection of potential sites.
  • Contour and plain table survey.
  • Site analysis.
  • Micrositing.
  • Computation of probable energy outputs.
  • Acquisition of land.
  • Preparation of feasibility and detailed project report.

(*) Can vary from State to State


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