Long Term Energy Sustainability & Security

Problems and Challenges

It has become increasingly clear that there are very serious difficulties related to sustainability and security of energy. These include:

  • Major global and regional impacts on the environment, climate change and health stemming from an over exploitation of conventional energy sources.
  • Demand for affordable and clean energy sources will increasingly grow over the coming years especially in view of providing fuels and electricity to a significant portion of the world’s population to help improve their quality of life.
  • Increasingly poor geographical co-relations between energy sources and users.
  • Inefficient and wasteful use of conventional energy resources.

How Wind Energy can help
The Governments of many countries around the world are increasingly recognizing the value of wind energy as a vital component of long-term, sustainable economic and environmental well-being, as well as ensuring security of energy price and supply.

Governments are encouraging the wind industry to grow by providing incentives that support long-term, affordable, efficient
and clean energy renewable resources as a whole and wind power in particular.

At the same time, enlightened and forward-thinking energy companies have established renewable energy business units and investment portfolios that address corporate policy and future economic sustainability, as well as financial performance based on enhanced utilization of wind power.

Wind Energy

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